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>Played a couple of games of MLP CCG at Tracon
>Was told that there’s an active scene for the game in my city, in a store close to my work place
Send halp.

Oh this game is so fun. I played it once at MLP-MSP using a guy’s deck, was a beast deck idk. I won and damn is it balanced.

This game is fucking terrible. Lol. The moment I heard this game was like NeoPets, I ran. There is no fun to be had in this game at all. Give me a brony battle CCG and I’m on. This is boring as all hell.

I have 2 weeks before work so, once that starts. TGS S2 will probably be on and off. So, if you guys don’t mind, I’ll probably start hiring a few people to help me post stuff. Leave me a message if you want to post for the blog. I will be ignoring all anonymous messages. If you are interested in posting for TGS, leave me a message, I’ll have a word with you and we’ll see if you qualify, kthx.

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